Site Updates 4/18/16

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Site Updates 4/18/16

Post by Yeti on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:11 pm

Changes that were made:

- Fixed the Grand League application title
- Added the G-Labs application forum
- Added Music Forum
- Added 3 new ranks (SDK Master, Game Freak and DJ)

DJ rank can be acquired if you have good recognition for your music by the community, you either make your music and the people like it, or you are good at introducing new taste.

SDK Master rank can be achieved if you are a notable person in the map making community (more to come with that)

Game Freak rank can be received if you are notable for your game creations in the Arcade.

To be added:

- Map making forum
- GameLabs steam group
- Separate threads in the Video Game forum (ex. RPG, Strategy, FPS)
- Scripters forum
Bug patches

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