Site Updates 4/17/16

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Site Updates 4/17/16

Post by Yeti on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:26 pm

With some tweaking of new forums on the site I am proud to introduce the Grand League!

To me, it is a written fantasy in which user's create and apply their own characters, that can have their own unique personalities and powers. I advise you guys check it out, once more people begin to join the site, I will expand on it.

The Arcade is also a new addition to the forums! User's can now submit their own creations or link games that are on other websites!

Entertainment is a section of media from tv to novels in which users will be able to discuss theories or the content in general!

  • New Additions to be added after this post:
    The Youtube forum, will be placed under Entertainment. Users can show off youtube videos to each other as long as they follow the guidelines.

    GL Applications forum to be renamed to "GL Character Application"

    And the newly awaited GameLabs membership application! Ever wanted to apply to GameLabs and move up our ranks, well now you can have your chance!

    (GameLabs Application to be announced in its own update)

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