GameLabs Application Guidelines (Read before applying)

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GameLabs Application Guidelines (Read before applying)

Post by Yeti on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:16 am

As you are reading this, the G-Labs staff applies that you want to become part of the G-Labs team. It isnt as easy as it sounds, but if you play your cards right you can move your way up to become a staff one day. Now this doesnt mean that applying automatically makes you part of G-Labs nor does it mean you have any permissions on the site. It simply just makes you a pending recruit until you are accepted.

Guidelines for applying:

1. Create a new topic in the G-Labs Application thread.
2. Title it (Your Forum Username)'s Application.
3. Copy and paste the chart down below into your thread.
4. Fill it out with valid information
5. Once you have done these simple steps you must wait for 5+ referrals and enter their forum names into the chart below.
6. Congratulations you are now in the staff voting process, this will occur for a week until you receive a 10/10 or higher in our votes.
7. This leads to the community voting process, in which Community Members or higher can decide wether or not you should qualify to become an OG.

Community Voting Rules:

The applier must receive a 20/20 in this process.

G-Labs Member (+1 or -1)
OG (+2 or -2)
Moderator (+3 or -3)
Admin/Staff (+4 or +4)

Abstain: (0) this means that you have not decided to vote just yet.

General Rules:

1. Tell an OG or higher if you are going un-active for a while on the site, this way we can withdraw your recruitment application until so.
2. If you feel like you aren't ready for this process, you can tell us that you want it withdrawn for a period of time.
3. Being a nuisance during any of these voting periods on the forums or on our servers can hurt your reputation on the site.
4. Bribing or rigging the voting system in any sort of way will automatically deny your application and permit you from applying for another year.
5. If your application gets denied you shall not apply again the next month, but you can apply the month after that.
6. Spamming the forums to have our Members take a look at your application is unacceptable, you will be denied. Our staff will make announcements to these people notifying them that they must take a look and vote.
7. Voting last forever until you have received a 20/20 or you were denied.

Application Form:

1. What is your name?
2. Location (State or Country is fine)
3. Provide a link to your steam profile:
4. Steam ID:
5. Preferred Server Supporter Steam Game (ex. CSGO, GMOD):
6. How would you describe yourself?
7. Skills:
8. Questions or Comments?

If you are accepted, you wont have any permissions on the site, sure you will be notable and have a colored text on your name, but if you want to move up our ranks, you have to apply to our rank applications which is only for Community Members or higher. Unless you are a notable person such as a mapmaker or game designer, in which you will be automatically put into that rank. SDK Master and Game Freak ranks do not give any permissions either.

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