Grand League Introduction and Guidelines (Read before applying!)

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Grand League Introduction and Guidelines (Read before applying!)

Post by Yeti on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:07 pm

Welcome to Grand League!

In Grand League, you, will create your own character with their own backstory and prefered skillset.

In order to apply you must fill out the following form and post it to the GL Application thread. Application start's at the beginning of every new GL session, (every month), if your application gets denied, dont worry you can always apply next month. Want better chances at being selected? Be active in the GL community. (Applications of people that have already been in the last session will be denied, you can only be accepted for one month at a time, once the next month ends you can enter again.)

1. What is your character's name?
2. Description of your character:
3. Backstory of said character:
4. What are your character's skills?
5. If you are causing problems in the GL community, will you take full responsibility for your actions. (If your account was hacked, contact a support member.)
6. Do you agree that your character could possibly die based on the community vote?

7. Messing with the polls or any sort of rigging the GL will result in a ban, do you accept these terms?

And as simple as that, you are done with your application process, now it will be entered into our GL writing team's consideration!

Any fan art or videos shall be entered into the Fan's Stand forum.

Have fun and good luck! alien

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